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At Gambling Catalogue we introduce players to what each of the most popular casino games are all about. Each has fascinating histories and strategies that have shaped each game into how we now play each one of them. The games are cleverly crafted and can bring much fun and entertainment to the players lives – all it takes is a bit of patience and practice.

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There is so much information out there that it’s often hard to decipher which is most valuable to you as an individual and your game. When trying to decide on what to believe and what no to believe, always look at how long the casinos and the companies, who wrote the guides, have been around for. Also look at which companies back the casinos and their payout ratios. Often a highly acclaimed casino is evident from your very first glance as they spare little expense when it comes to marketing. Marketing is expensive so if they can afford great marketing then they must be making their money.

Pick Your Favourite Casino Game


1386172301_kpokerBlackjack is one of the oldest and most popular games offered at both online and land based casinos. It’s a game that requires a quieter crowd who need to concentrate and focus on the game at hand.

 1386172276_package_games_boardCraps is a slightly more difficult game because there a many different types of bets a player can place and it’s crucial to place the right bet at the right time.  Craps encourages a rowdier crowd around its table.

 1386172230_roulette_iconsRoulette is probably the simplest game of all and great for beginners who desire an easy-going introduction to gambling. As the wheel turns, players hold thumbs that their number they bet on will be the number the little white ball nestles on.

 1386172220_blackjackPoker has many different variants such has Texas Hold ‘Em and Strip Poker – just to name a few. Also one of the more popular games in casinos, poker is the game of choice for most.

 1386172456_casino_iconsSlots are the most dynamic of all the casino games offered. A definite favourite of Australians, the slots draw many gamblers due to its progressive jackpots worth millions.

Throughout this guide we’ll tell you about five of the most popular casino games around and try help our readers to understand the dynamics of each of these magnificent games and you’ll get to know a little more about us in our about section. We also provide our contact details for the convenience of our readers.